Wageningen university master thesis proposal example

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Phd Thesis Wageningen University

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This Wageningen University (WU) master thesis agreement sets out the agreements between a master’s student and a chair group. The agreement registers the rights and duties of both parties and is a further supplement and elaboration of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW), Education and Examining Regulations and the Student.

University of Copenhagen (KU)

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Jacinta Outlaw Branding & Marketing. Jacinta has 15 years industry experience in business development and marketing. She has worked with SMA in the preparation of tourism plans and feasibility studies in various parts of Australia.

The European Commission has awarded million Euros to a four-year collaborative project on data-driven design of cells and microbial communities for applications ranging from human health to sustainable production of chemicals.

Scientific Coordinator BMBF Project LEGATO („Land-use intensity and Ecological Engineering – Assessment Tools for risks and Opportunities in irrigated rice based production systems“); ca. scientists and stakeholders from Europa and South-East-Asia, esp. Germany, Philippines and Vietnam.

Wageningen university master thesis proposal example
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