Wageningen university master thesis agreement

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Master's thesis

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Wageningen University Master Thesis Agreement

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The Double Degree is an agreement between SMEA and the Wageningen University (The Netherlands) that gives both students of the Master of Science in Agricultural and Food Economics at UCSC and students of the Master in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies at Wageningen University, the chance to attend the second year of their course at the partner University.

Check out Master Thesis profiles, job listings & salaries. Review & learn skills to be a Master Thesis. This Wageningen University (WU) master thesis agreement serves to lay down agreements between a master student and a chair group.

The agreement registers rights and duties of both parties and is a further supplementation and elaboration of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW), Education and Examining Regulations and the Student Charter.

Wageningen University Master Thesis Agreement This Wageningen University (WU) master thesis agreement serves to lay down agreements between a master student and a chair group. The agreement registers rights and duties of both parties and is a further supplementation and elaboration of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW), Education and.

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Wageningen university master thesis agreement
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