Unternehmenskommunikation master thesis

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Master's programmes

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Intern/Master Thesis Research & Development (m/f) Intern/Master Thesis Research & Development (m/f) Intern/Master Thesis Research & Development (m/f) Job merken; TalentPool beitreten; Trainee (m/w) im Vertrieb.

Praktikum in der Unternehmenskommunikation. Praktikum in der IT-Beratung mit Fokus Java / Application Development. English.

Janine Hacker

Degree Program: Master in Corporate Communication. Module X: Thesis and final exams. Application. The Master in Corporate Communication has limited admission. Each year, 25 students are selected to participate in the program which starts in the fall/winter semester only (October).

Master's degree (Mag. phil.) in communication with a special focus on diversity and internal communications. Experience in corporate communications, advertising, audio and video production.

Professionally trained voice-over cerrajeriahnosestrada.com: Marketing & Communications. Maisberger Gesellschaft für strategische Unternehmenskommunikation mbH.

juni – augustus 3 maanden.

An Eye on Impacts of Global Information Systems

Munich Area, Germany Master of Science - MS, Marketing. – extraversion and the usage of Instagram and Facebook (Grade: ) Oral Bachelor Thesis: The influence of media multitasking on the temporary expansion of Title: MSc Marketing student at VU .

Unternehmenskommunikation master thesis
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