Startup master thesis

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Hi, my name is Reto and I studied Business Innovation at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland - actually, this website emerged as part of my master thesis.

Beyond that, I have a background as founder and intrapreneur. With this free toolbox I want to empower founders all over the world and contribute to the global startup movement which is taking place right now.

Master's Thesis at the Chair of SME Research and Entrepreneurship (Prof. Dr. Woywode) Thanks to Students who would like to write their Master Thesis at the chair of Prof.

Dr. Woywode must have completed at least one qualifying course (either MAN. MASTER`S THESIS The Budget of a Startup Company First Budget of a Startup Company – if a startup wants the have a budget that is part of the young company`s management control system, the founders need to look beyond the groceries and family budgets.


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3! Executivesummary! This!paper!explores!some!highlypopularentrepreneurial!principles,labelled!under!a common! term known!as! the! Lean! Startup! movement.!It!has been relatively little.

MASTER`S THESIS The Budget of a Startup Company First Budget of a Startup Company – if a startup wants the have a budget that is part of the young company`s management control system, the founders need to .

Startup master thesis
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