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On the construction of some capacity-approaching coding schemes

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On the construction of some capacity-approaching coding schemes

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Filter by Year. OR AND NOT 1. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Includes bibliographical. This thesis proposes two constructive methods of approaching the Shannon limit very closely.

Interestingly, these two methods operate in opposite regions, one has a block length of one and the other has a block length approaching infinity. Acknowledgments IwouldliketoexpressmysincerestgratitudetomysupervisorProfessorDavidForney, for his guidance and insights throughout this thesis and my education at MIT.

Sae-Young Chung. PROFESSOR School of Electrical Engineering at KAIST Information Theory and Machine Learning Lab. Contact Info [email protected] Google Scholar profile Ph.D.

Thesis: On the Construction of Some Capacity-Approaching Coding Schemes. Affiliation. Invited Talk.

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Sae young chung thesis