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Theses and Masters' dissertations

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Overall Thesis in Financial Economics Stomper If you are aware in writing a master thesis in the severity of financial economics, contact Prof. Students pursuing their Master Degree in Anthropology have an option to concentrate in museum studies in addition to their required four-field anthropology core curriculum, with two required internships and a master’s thesis.

Museum Studies. Museum Studies Graduate Programs focus on how to maintain and manage a museum or certain aspects of one. Museum studies programs, sometimes called “museology,” are highly interdisciplinary. Depending on the school, this could mean studying business, public leadership, or art history and collections.

The degree in museum and field studies is a two-year program requiring a total of 32 credit hours, plus hours of internship. Depending on the track and plan, students complete from 9 to 15 credit hours in a department and from 13 to 22 credit hours in museology courses.

The system stores completed Masters dissertations selected by departments as examples of good practice for current students. At the moment, it contains selected dissertations for Criminology, Law, Management, Media & Communication, Museum Studies, Politics &.

Museum Studies

Current Student Projects While purusuing her Masters in Museum Studies at the University of New Mexico Kaylen Jones has works as a Museum Tech at the Museum of Southwest Biology.

I am a graduate student at the University of New Mexico working on my master’s thesis in Anthropology and completing a graduate minor in Museum Studies. Most. Advance your career conveniently while continuing to work through one of these high-quality online master's in history degree programs.

This non-thesis online master’s in history garners our number one spot, largely because of its inexpensive in-state graduate tuition rate.

Finance; Finance (Master's) Foodie Entrepreneur.

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