Museum studies master thesis

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Winterthur Program in American Material Culture

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Master of Museum Studies

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Museum Hours

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Article: MA Museum and Heritage Studies Dissertation Abstracts, UCL Institute of Archaeology, Kayla Bellman, a desert native, graduated from Arizona State with concurrent degrees in Sustainability and Global Studies with a certificate in Human Rights.

I am a graduate student at the University of New Mexico working on my master’s thesis in Anthropology and completing a graduate minor in Museum Studies.

Theses and Masters' dissertations

Most recently, I have been doing fieldwork at Chaco Culture National Historic. Critical Museum Studies is a pre-professional interdisciplinary MA program under the aegis of three programmatic write a thesis and participate in a practicum/ internship program in one of the core departments/programs.

VS Politics of Museums in NY or AHI Museum Studies Internship; Master’s Thesis, 6 Credit Hours (in accord.

The Winterthur Program in American Material Culture, established in by the Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum and the University of Delaware, provides a multidisciplinary approach to the study of American material life with special emphasis on decorative arts and household furnishings. Cleveland State University offers over Graduate, Online, Masters, Doctoral and Certificate programs some of which are ranked among the best in the nation.

Museum studies master thesis
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