Master thesis seminar course

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NORD3900 - Master's Thesis in Scandinavian Studies

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Thesis seminar

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Materials Various information and communication skills ICTs will be used to supplement the objectives of the application. You should take part in this seminar or the Strategic Intellectual Property Management Seminar, if you are writing a Master thesis with this Chair and if the “Prüfungsordnung” of your study program requires the participation in one of the Chairs’ lectures before writing theses.

Please get further information in the “Prüfungsordnung. MV - Master's Thesis in Media, Communication and Informasion Technology Course content.

The Master Thesis must include a scientific analysis of a topic within the framework of media, communication and information technology. Master Thesis seminar and supervision. Form of assessment: Master Thesis and an oral exam.

Thesis seminar

Master’s With Thesis. Candidates are required to complete the equivalent of ten (10) credits to graduate from this program. As part of this requirement, a student must pass the seminar course by attending at least 80% of the seminars in the semester. Students who pass the seminar will receive an “S”on their transcript; students who.

The continuing thesis seminar (“gradupiiri”) is 5 ECTS part of ITIS61 course (the starting thesis seminar gives the initial 5 credits) in interactive media specialization, and in Master’s Degree Programme in Internet and Game Studies (IGS).

The Master of Science (M.S.) degree with a major in Athletic Training is designed as an advanced post-professional athletic training curriculum for the board-certified athletic trainer.

The graduate student in athletic training may choose from either the thesis or the non-thesis option. The course culminates in the presentation of the second seminar (the thesis results).

Completion K66+H8+R0+I60 Lectures, interactive class sessions, home assignments, and two seminars (1st year, period IV and 2nd year, period II).

BARN3900 - Master's Thesis Master thesis seminar course
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