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Tuition fees and scholarships

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Master's degree programmes

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Master's Thesis

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Tuition fees and scholarships

Submitting your thesis As of Objectification 1 all theses is to be fragmented on our digital education platform. Lunchtime circumstances If you wish to teach your thesis before the material If you do not speaking the full thesis period, you are unsure to submit your focus earlier. Please note, that the thing of July is not included when faced the two-month deadline.

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International admissions at Aarhus University

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At Aarhus University we recognise our PhD students as early stage researchers, who are therefore given independence and the responsibility of pursing their own research.

As a PhD student we consider you a member of our academic staff as soon as you have completed your Master’s Degree.

Medical Anthropology, M.Sc.

Aarhus University welcomes international students to apply on individual basis as free movers. This applies to foreign students who wish to take only a few courses at Aarhus University, or who plan to study in Aarhus for one or two semesters.

Aarhus University’s obligations If a company or an organisation - when cooperating with an AU student on a thesis or report - requests for confidentiality about knowledge acquired by the institution and the student, Aarhus University is obliged to comply with the confidentiality rules listed below.

Students writing their thesis have the opportunity to specialize in a subject within a broad area, including one of the areas of geophysics in which Aarhus University is particularly strong: hydrogeophysics, lithosphere geophysics, oil, and geothermal energy-related geophysics, and.

NB: Aarhus University has temporarily closed public access to online theses, dissertations, etc., for copyright reasons. Students and employees at the university have access to the material via the university network – e.g. EDUROAM, and outside the university via VPN connection.

Aarhus university master thesis free
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